This privacy policy applies to the “Tomato” Internet platform.

Respecting and protecting User’s personal privacy information is one of our consistent rules, we will take reasonable measures to protect user’s personal privacy information when making products.

Collection of personal information

When we need information to identify you, we will ask for your permission. Usually, when you sign up for Tomato, we ask you for the related information. The information we collect is limited to your sex, age, date of birth, interests and hobbies.

Use of personal information

Our products may disclose your personal information if required by law or in compliance with the terms of the user agreement

a. Obtain Your permission under the agreement;

b. Get Your permission to interact with the product

c. In accordance with the law or the requirements of the government or the judiciary;

d. In an emergency, in a threat to public safety, other individuals are more important and your right to privacy is actually at risk.

Beyond that, we will not disclose your private information.

Account Security

1)You registered “Tomato” user name, Password is confidential information, we will take active technic and management measures to protect the users’ account and password security. As far as possible, you should improve the security of your account according to the security measures provided by us.

2)For registered users on facebook, our application will get the user's avatar and nickname to display personal information.
When an app user removes our app and requests you to delete its data, the system will call the data deletion callback. App users can do this by going to their Facebook profile and navigating to the Settings and Privacy> Settings> Apps and Websites page, and then clicking the send request button.

3)If you are no longer using our products and services and want to delete the data of the corresponding account, you can complete the following operations: Enter the app and click the setting button > click "delete my account" > Click “confirm”

Security of personal information

Please note that you should not disclose your property accounts, bank cards, credit cards, third-party payment accounts and the corresponding password information while using our services.

Use of cookies

We use Cookie to help you personalize your online experience. A Cookie is a text file stored on your hard drive by a web server. Cookie can not be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. The Cookie specified to you is unique and can only be read by a Web server in the domain where the Cookie is published to you.

One of the main uses of Cookie is to provide a time-saving utility. For example, if you personalize a web page or register with Tomato, a Cookie will help you invoke your specific information on subsequent visits. This simplifies the process of recording your personal information, such as billing address, preferred e-mail address. When you return to Tomato, the web site can bring up the information you previously provided, making it easy for you to use your custom features. Beacons are used to access our website to extract Cookie when working with our products and services.

You can accept or reject Cookie. Most Web browsers automatically accept Cookie, but you can usually modify your browser settings to reject Cookie based on your needs. If you choose to reject Cookie, you may not be able to fully experience the interactivity of the site you are visiting.

Collection and use of teenagers’ personal information

We attach great importance to the safety and protection of teenagers’ personal information. We recommend that anyone under the age of 16 should obtain consent from their parents or their legal guardians (hereinafter referred to as “Guardians”) before participating in online activities.

Without the prior consent from the Guardian, we will not use the personal information of the child or disclose identifiable information to any third party, except as permitted by law or necessary for the provision of services to the teenager. With the consent from the Guardian, we may collect the personal information of the teenager, but the Guardian has the right to refuse us to further collect the personal information of the teenager, and to review or request us to delete the teenager’s personal information.

We pledge that teenagers will not be required to provide additional personal information as a condition for their participation in online activities.

About exonerating

We shall not be liable for any leakage of user information or private information as a result of the following events

1)for legal and policy reasons, or because of government or judiciary requirements, your information will be provided to the relevant authorities.

2)any leakage of personal information resulting from the disclosure of the user’s password to others or the sharing of the registered account with others; or other leakage resulting from the user’s personal actions.

3)any leakage of information caused by hacker attacks, computer virus intrusions, or computer system crashes; the above-mentioned accident occurred, and the accident is difficult to defend against with modern technology.

4)use your information in emergencies, when public safety, other personal safety, and the safety of property are at stake, and when the balance of interests is at stake. If your rights are impaired as a result, you may claim against the beneficiary.

5)force majeure incidents and all other uses or leaks that are not the result of our subjective fault.

Details for accessing users’ mobile phones

1. Network access: This APP requires network access

2. Access network status: this APP requires network access

3. Access wifi status: this APP requires access to the Internet

4. Flash premission: during video, the video sdk fill light function needs to be used

5. Vibration permissions: mandatory for receiving new message alerts

6. Access to memory card: this APP needs to read the user’s login status stored locally, information about the user’s APP account, resource cache, and error log

7. Memory Card write permissions: this APP needs to store user’s login status, user APP Account Information, resource cache and error log

8. Install permission: this APP requires the user to have the necessary permissions for the updating

9. Camera: This APP live, video chat shooting use

10. Recording rights: using while live, voice chat, video chat voice

11. Turn on and off Speaker: on and off voice while live, voice chat, video chat

12. AOD: always on display during video

13. Samsung pay permissions (only required for the Samsung channel APP)

14. Front Desk Service Permissions: Baidu sdk location require this permission

15. Network location permissions: BAIDU SDK location require the permissions, the APP needs user’s location information for close range recommendations

16. Access GPS location: BAIDU SDK location rights, this APP requires user location information for close range recommendations

17. WIFI access: BAIDU SDK location requires access wifi information for network location, and this APP requires user location information for close range recommendations

18. System settings read and write permissions: required while live and video chat

19. Program auto-start: The permissions required for APP’s to push messages

20. Allow Bluetooth permissions: required for live and video chat function

21. Floating window: Permissions used for dynamic request or other system prompts

22. Fingerprint authentication: Verify user’s information when invoking a payment

23. Memory card read and write permission: required for collecting Error Information, cache data

24. Setup triggers broadcast: statistics purpose, user initialization behavior for the installation and uninstallation of this APP

25. The change procedure triggers the broadcast: statistics purpose, user initialization behavior for the installation and uninstallation of this APP

26. Initialization procedure triggers broadcast: statistics purpose, user initialization behavior for the installation and uninstallation of this APP

27. Overwrite setup triggers broadcast: statistics purpose, user initialization behavior for the installation and uninstallation of this APP

28. Allow program to restart: used in the event of an update or exception

29. Access to recent tasks: required for APP’s push

30. Changing Network Status: APP networking needs