The Tomato app is a platform with lots of opportunities to connect and earn money in the process! The two primary ways of doing this are by becoming either a Streamer or an Agent.

Streamers are Tomato’s community members who live-stream on the platform. Tomato is an all-inclusive company; anybody from anywhere can be a streamer! Do you have anything to share with the world? On our app, you have the opportunity to build your community, share experiences and have a good time while earning a commission-based income.

Compensation System

On the Tomato app, streamers have the opportunity to earn money through our in-app currency system. Users spend gold coins to talk to streamers at a rate that the streamer sets per minute. Users spend gold coins on live streams, one-on-one chats, and additional in-app gifts. Once the user has paid their coins, they convert to diamonds. Diamonds are our streamer’s salary, which can then be cashed out as real money. There is no limit on how much a streamer can earn because it is a commission-based income - the more you stream,the more you make!

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●How do agents get paid

●1000diamonds=$1 USD


General Rules

1.Must be 18+ to register

2.No fake accounts

3.No pornographic content

Account Rules

1.The profile you create must be an accurate representation of who you are

2.Words that might offend other members of our community are not allowed

Live-Stream Rules

1.The streamer must always be on-screen and clearly visible

2.The stream must last at least 60 seconds. If it is shorter, the streamer will not receive any diamonds.

3.No outside business should be conducted while live-streaming.


Agents are Tomato’s community members who find new streamers to join the platform. However, agents are not just limited to finding new streamers - they can share their talents too. If you are socially active, cooperative, and self-motivated, you will make a perfect addition to our team!

Total weekly earning of streamers.

Total weekly revenue of all sub agencies.